About Us

There’s no doubt that quality is of paramount importance to your organisation.  It’s what leads one product to become a household name while another’s quickly forgotten.  You also know that while the pursuit of quality involves your entire organisation, the real genesis of quality is in your lab.  We understand this too, and it’s our commitment to helping you achieve this quality that inspires our mission towards unparalleled excellence in service.

LaboPharm’s main objective is to facilitate the interplay between your organisation and the rapidly changing and complex world of laboratory technology. We’ll guide you through the entire process, from conceptualisation, through to after-sales support, with quality at every step of the way.  It’s a collaborative process based on our core values of adaptability, competence, integrity, accountability and above all, quality.

With our roots in the pharmaceutical sector, LaboPharm has been rapidly expanding over the past decade.  This expansion brought with it a wealth of new customers from a diverse range of industries. LaboPharm now operates in the medical and pharmaceutical, education, manufacturing, government, and petrochemical fields.


Up until recently, operators in the pharmaceutical field were faced with a fragmented and less-than professional supply chain.  This, combined with increasing pressure from regulatory bodies and a highly competitive marketplace, left a glaring niche for a supplier that could bridge the gap between operator and principal (equipment suppliers).

Enter LaboPharm – in 2007, we exploited this niche and entered the market providing a highly professional service to operators in the pharmaceutical industry.

Today, LaboPharm’s services and expertise are available to a much wider range of industries, including petrochemical, evironmental, education, manufacturing, government, and others.

Our Team

Every single one of LaboPharm’s successes is down to our team – a team with over 70 years’ experience collectively.

LaboPharm’s expertise comes from a multi-disciplinary approach, from customer-centric sales executives, to factory-trained customer engineers.  Furthermore, all our team members receive regular training from suppliers and principals, giving them hands-on, and in-depth knowledge which is passed directly to you.