From Concept to Delivery

Our service provides you with complete peace of mind thanks to our ability to handle the full cycle of lab supply, setup and support; from conceptualisation through to after sales support and training.  These services are all backed by our partners and our commitment to quality which is present throughout the whole process.

Whether it’s just the supply of equipment or the entire process you’re after, we’ll accomplish this while respecting even the most challenging deadlines.


It all starts here – the most crucial step to any lab project.  Deciding on location, equipment types, workflows and so on are all determining factors in the success of your operation.  Make use of our industry-focused experience and allow us to help you navigate the complex interplay of industry standards and technical realities.

Our experts will spend the time it takes to provide you with the right consultancy for your operation, individual as it is.  The resultant advice is always sensitive to your financial needs and based on the most recent industry developments.

Design Requirements

Entrust LaboPharm to help you come up with the right products and solutions for your business, no matter how unique.  Our multi-disciplinary team will look at your bespoke solution from a number of different vantage points, whether it’s the factory-trained customer engineer ensuring robustness and reliability, to the experience sales executive crunching the numbers to meet your budget.


A solid network of internationally recognised partners means peace of mind for your organisation.  We’ll source the right equipment from our manufacturing partners and install and commission it for you within your stringent deadlines.


Provision of sophisticated laboratory equipment is only part of the story – you need a partner that’s confident enough to be able to install, configure and commission the highly technical and complex equipment you need to run your business. LaboPharm’s experience in this regard will ensure properly functioning equipment installed by customer engineers trained directly from the manufacturer.

Initial Qualification

We know that industry regulation places rigorous demands on accountability and traceability.  That’s why our Initial Qualification service is so rigorous. We’ll provide Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ), and calibration reports in an audit-ready format, facilitating any inspection and reducing significantly any risk of non-compliance.


You understand the value of good training – operator safety comes to mind. However, other benefits also arise from proper training: optimum use of equipment leads to cost savings and equipment longevity. It also has a direct impact on the quality of your output.  What makes our training better? Our customer engineers travel regularly to our suppliers for direct-from-source training which we then pass on to you.

Planned Maintenance

An ounce of prevention, as the saying goes.  Our preventative maintenance schedules exist to ensure that maintenance happens when it’s most convenient for you, rather than when an emergency dictates it.  This ensures that your equipment continues to operate at the best possible level, providing you with a sound return on investment.


Properly calibrated equipment and certification are requirements for industry regulation compliance, but they also mean higher quality output and less wastage.  We carry out calibration on the equipment we supply according to certified procedures at regular intervals. All of this is done in a transparent way, through traceable certificates (printed and electronic).


LaboPharm’s team of technical professionals are trained and certified to support various instrumentation platforms regardless of the model or the manufacturer. Through our single-source philosophy LaboPharm can supply all necessary equipment for maintenance and compliance services. LaboPharm can assist in increasing lab efficiency through harmonization of compliance protocols with multi-vendor support and assist our clients throughout the entire qualification process.


We offer on-site and timely diagnosis and repairs on all the equipment we provide. Our direct relationships with our partners mean that our solutions are coming directly from the manufacturers.

As for parts, we stock a wide range of the most commonly required replacement parts, but our international network of suppliers allows us to source and courier in major parts with minimal or no downtime. Finally, we also offer an instrument repair exchange programme allowing you to all but eliminate any disruptions caused by equipment problems.

Applications Support

To get the most out of your lab setup, you can depend on our support. Whether it’s in the form of one-on-one training from our factory-trained experts (on-site individual remote support), access to white papers, and even highly organised seminars, your organisations will be able to extract the most out of your investment.


Nothing lasts forever, so what do you do with equipment that’s reached the end of its useful life? Our customer-centric commitment means that we can help out here as well. Refurbishment and overhauling of equipment can be considered and are often great ways of extending return on investment.  When this isn’t possible, proper decommissioning is often necessary.  We can help here through relocation or even disposal in an environmentally friendly manner.