Manufacturing and testing pharmaceuticals requires precise analytical instrumentation to meet the rigorous demands of industry regulation.  Hi throughput solutions are also required to ensure an optimum workflow.

LaboPharm has experience supporting pharmaceutical manufacturers, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) manufacturers, as well as other operators in the pharmaceutical field.

Let us provide you with solutions for quality control of incoming goods (raw materials), during manufacturing (in-process), finished products and packaging material, as well as R&D labs.

Materials-handling, weighing and product inspection equipment can also be provided for the manufacturing disivsion.



LaboPharm can supply a variety of preconfigured custom or standard analysers and analytical systems for chemical analysis and detection, as required in accordance to international standards (ASTM, DIN, IP, ISO, and EN)

We also provide physical testing solutions for different fuel types, survey equipment and analytical instruments for on-site use in petroleum exploration, as well as round the clock support for contract labs.


Food & Agriculture

Ensuring the security and quality of your output is critical at every stage of the production chain – businesses, and more importantly lives, depend on it. We can provide peace of mind to operators in this sector through the provisioning of a wide range of equipment, as well as consultancy and follow up support.

Specifically, we operate in the following areas:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Agriculture/Agronomy
  • Oenology
  • Aquaculture
  • Veterinary
  • Microbiology

Industry & Manufacturing

LaboPharm’s experience in the manufacturing sector includes the provision of a wide range of high-quality equipment. Let us supply and support your every need, from a simple digital thermometer to an industrial tensile testing machine; from a scanning electron microscope to large integrated weighing bridges; from a handheld pH monitor to a production line weighing and inspection system. All our products are backed by factory-trained experts and comprehensive follow-up support.



Operators in this industry understand what’s at stake. That’s why they demand the highest level of detection and confidence in results.  LaboPharm offers best-of-breed equipment, plus the expert advice from manufacturer-trained technicians.  We’ll help you extract the most of the equipment.

LaboPharm supplies equipment and professional services to doping labs, crime labs, DNA profiling, and more.



Let us provide you with industry-leadingenvironmental testing equipment, as well as thorough and up-to-date regulatory expertise.  LaboPharm also supports air quality control labs, as well as drinking and waste water testing labs.



We’ve partnered with global leaders in this field, enabling us to provide you with equipment and service in the following fields:

  • Molecular biology
  • Cell biology
  • Genetic analysis
  • Proteomics
  • Plant sciences
  • Clinical Science
  • Molecular diagnostics
  • Applied Science
  • Human identification
  • Food safety
  • Animal health


Materials Science & Engineering

LaboPharm boasts a broad portfolio of equipment used for research and routine testing. This includes speciality equipment and solutions for engineering, ranging from test and measurement instruments, to plastic and metal rapid prototyping; from PCB small scale production to CNC machining centre.


Clinical & Diagnostics

The clinical environment demands a wide range of consumables, from basic laboratory plastic-ware to highly automated diagnostics systems. Let us supply you with all your clinic needs both in terms of equipment and knowledgeable support and consultancy.


Research & Academia

LaboPharm offerings in the Research & Development and Academic field are various, covering from didactic equipment and beginners’ science labs to specialized research instruments and systems for universities and all academic specialities.